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What is Obuzo

OBUZO is an initiative that seeks to catalyze economic growth in Southeast, Nigeria through marketing businesses to a global audience. Afia TV and in collaboration with our production partner, MarketStudio Ltd have both established the Obuzo advertising subsidy support scheme worth 1 Billion Naira to enable MSMEs across the south east region grow their market reach.

This grant is worth 1 Billion Naira, with 200 Million to each state of the south east.

For us at Afia TV, our vision is simple; provide an innovative media platform that uses great storytelling to promote business, commerce, and the progressive lifestyle of the people from the South-eastern region of Nigeria.

To qualify, MSMEs must be registered within the states, either via the SME agency or be a member of the state chamber of commerce industry; and all applications must be via our dedicated website.

Afiatv will provide 10 free (30 & 15 seconds) spots daily qualifying MSMEs for three months. These spots will be made available only via the approved registration process.